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The Science Behind Vetana

To accomplish our mission of improving animal health, we are advancing efforts to transform treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases, starting with osteoarthritis, with a novel non-viral gene therapy. 


Seeking a Solution

The key to treating chronic inflammation is re-establishing immune system homeostasis – restoring it back to balance. Yet, current treatments for chronic inflammatory diseases are often ineffective in doing so. Some are too potent and, when systemically delivered, lead to serious adverse events and widespread toxicity. Others simply mask the disease symptoms, rather than addressing the root source of pain and inflammation.

Current Options

Treatment options include steroid injections, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS) and surgery. These options provide limited or, in many cases, ineffective relief from pain and improvement in mobility


Vetana's Investigational Therapy

Our lead canine therapeutic candidate, VH-550, is a locally injectable plasmid DNA gene therapy expressing IL-10v, a proprietary modified variant of IL-10. This IL-10 variant significantly increases the duration of the effects of IL-10. Because VH-550 is non-viral, there is also the potential for redosing.

Vetana is also developing this therapy for other species, including cats and horses.

The Science

After injection into the inflamed joint, VH-550 is taken up by resident cells there and directs those cells to begin producing the IL-10 variant protein.  VH-550 remains localized to the joint and may provide long-lasting reduction of inflammation and pain.


Want to Learn More?

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