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A Better Future
May Be Possible

An investigational gene therapy treatment targeting inflammatory disorders in animals, starting with osteoarthritis.

Companion Animals Statistics

*Wright A J Small Animal Practice 2022; Mcilwraith CW, Bone Joint Res 2012; Lascelles BD, Vet Surg 2011



Our investigational therapy, VH-550, may help dogs

run, play and live better

Injection into Joint

Injection into Joint

Injection of the therapeutic agent generates a powerful anti-inflammatory protein localized to the joint

May Reduce Inflammation

VH-550 May Reduce Inflammation

Decreased inflammation leads to a reduction of pain severity


Improved Mobility and Pain Reduction

Reduced pain can improve mobility and quality of life

Market Size by the Numbers*


Companion Animals in US


Most common joint disease diagnosed in veterinary medicine


Global Canine OA Market Opportunity


About Vetana Animal Health

Vetana’s mission is to improve animal health.  We are a company dedicated to addressing pain and mobility issues in companion animals, including dogs, cats and horses. We are leveraging a robust scientific platform using interleukin-10 (IL-10), nature’s anti-inflammatory. Our research and deep understanding of IL-10 biology is converging with recent technology advancements, notably in non-viral gene therapy platforms. With the development of our IL-10 gene therapies, we are now in a unique position to explore solutions that can be effective, safe and provide longer duration of relief for the millions of companion animals affected by inflammatory diseases such as osteoarthritis, neuropathic pain and countless others.



“You don’t make many discoveries like this”

Linda Watkins, PhD

University of Colorado

Scientist that co-discovered Vetana’s IL-10v plasmid and demonstrated its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.



Vetana Animal Health, Inc.

200 Garrett Street

Suite S

Charlottesville, VA 22902

Tel: 434-980-8100


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